Freedom. In simple terms, we consider this a life lived without constraint, oppressive or self-imposed.

A life without regard for society's expectation of normalcy; one in tune with your own personal frequency, holding its own alongside those of the people around you, harmony be damned.

Through gritty 35mm scans of a Mancunian Queen & Slim, a mother/daughter Thelma & Louise, and Jaren as the face of Manchester’s 90s-driven youth scene, the Crew ruminate on the idea of finding freedom on the run, à la Queen & Slim...

Living life on your own terms, claiming space in the face of the stifling pressures of everyday life. With this story, we beckon a new wave of cultural icons, the everyday renegades who rebel simply by existing. Come as you are.

We are here.




queen - ayomide abolaji

slim - oz akinyemi

louise - audrey mattis

thelma - feya mattis

scene kid - jaren groves

people of manchester:

colin (home)

amber mao & sean yu

alistair hall (a vinyl resting place)


creative direction - karina so.

photography - suji so.

cinematography - funke alafiatayo

BTS video - karina so., suji so.

production - karina so., mo ray

art direction/design - karina so.
runner - mnna mohammed

special thanks:

foundation coffee house

royal exchange theatre


audrey mattis

seun shey

fola (skitzo)

the VAGUE community