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Free and open to all individuals, our membership programme was designed to ensure the cultural catalysts and innovators within our global network are given ample opportunity to thrive and connect with like-minded peers, regardless of background, education, geographical limitations...


That's where our initiatives come in.


Joining VAGUE means you're pulling up a seat at the table; the Assembly is where you get to break bread directly with other members, wherever they are in the world.

Invites will be included in your welcome pack.


Procrastinate with the film, book & entertainment club you never knew you needed. Learn more about our curated entertainment odysseys and how you can get involved in the CULTURE CLUB.

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Every movement needs a face; the FACES are ours, working in our in-house modelling agency with our talent scout & casting team.

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The Library is our shared repository of information, from collaborative databases on foreign cinema to cultural archives & reports carried out by the VAGUE Research Centre, the Library is our hub for learning & development available only on the Portal.


If you're into events and believe, as we do, that design principles can be universally applied, then PLACES is where you need to be. Virtual or IRL, this initiative supports all of our curated experiential events.

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Our cross-functional, multi-locational programme, where members can connect and collaborate on community briefs, workshops or even in-house in the Studio to achieve a common goal: creating art with friends and strangers alike across borders.


Our music editorial and development service: curating and critiquing music and events, while offering pastoral support and bespoke consultancy services to young artists.

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THREADS is for the makers: the designers, the artists, the manufacturers - facilitating connections, providing tailored support services and platforming emerging talent coming up next.

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Our multimedia publishing platform spotlighting our members’ unique perspectives on the arts, technology, culture, and how young people are navigating this increasingly chaotic world

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VOICES is the community's podcast, operating alongside TOMES to host in-depth discussions on topics that are important to the community and special guests.

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