Get to know VAGUE's leadership team both reflecting and representing the diversity of thought, specialisms and experiences in the community, and exemplifying remote, multidiscipinary collaboration from the top down.


Karina So.

Artistic Director

"Do you even Trello, bro?"

Mo Ray

Engagement Director

"Making things up as I go along whilst never losing myself"

Suji So.

Visuals Director

Studio LEADS

Meet the CREW, the seminal creative minds within the community, leading community projects, developing our programming, and collaborating to deliver ALLY commissions courtesy of bespoke collaboration systems and automation continuously designed and developed in-house by the "Phoenix" squad.

Mnna Mohammed

Beauty Lead


Suji So.

Photography Lead


Claudia Uzokwe

Styling Lead


"I have no limit"

Georgiana Ghetiu

Film Lead

"Filming blazing people and music instruments when not snowed under by real life"

Karina So.

Art Director

UX/UI Lead

(Team Phoenix)

"Define 'too much'."

Joshua Mwanakhu

Art Lead

"I say to life what Rorschach said to the prisoners: I’m not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with me!"

Gloria Ukoh

Graphic Design Lead

"The dream is to embody Area 51 energy everyday of my life."

Sarah Amdanee

Motion Design Lead

Tiana Sao

Accessibility Lead

(Team Phoenix)

Tonye Spiff

Technology Lead

(Team Phoenix)

Abhishek Sharma

Technology Lead

(Team Phoenix)

"I've changed my mind and wish to be henceforth named as the Grand Duchess of Ababwa"

Mo Ray

CLUB Curator

"I think we overdid it"

Ayomide Abolaji

CLUB Curator

"If 'life is a game and the biggest game is life' [Ah Min-Hyuk, Strong Girl Bong-Soon] who are you letting hold the controllers?"

Culture Vultures

The custodians of the VAGUE Culture Club - our flagship Procrastination initiative - curating art & culture items, working with our film partners and leading the community in cultural discussion


The Tribunal lead our editorial department for VAGUE TOMES, the voice of the community, working closely with our staff writers as well as key voices in the wider community to curate shared perspectives and commentary from our members on the world existing outside it.

Karina So.



UX/UI Designer

"Life is but a pot of beans"

Gloria Ukoh

Art Editor

"I know everything happens for a reason, but wtf?"

Mnna Mohammed

Creative Editor

Ayomide Abolaji

Culture Editor

"If 'life is a game and the biggest game is life' [Ah Min-Hyuk, Strong Girl Bong-Soon] who are you letting hold the controllers?"

Ines Rosario Da Silva

Politics Editor

TK Spiff

Sounds Editor

Grand Duchess of Ababwa

(nee Abhishek Sharma)

Technology Editor

"He's reading your article, proof-reading it thrice. Abhishek's our top Editor, half-assed content just will not suffice."

Tyra Acqua

Voices Editor

"Suits Season 4, Episode 13 1:43"

Mo Ray

Staff Writer

"Brevity isn't a friend of mine... Oh wait, maybe it is!"

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