Dear Fellow Culture Vultures,

The time you never asked for has finally come. The prayer you never made has been answered:

VAGUE CULTURE CLUB is here to empower you as we achieve your goal of being more culturally conscious. There are so many books, essays, films, theatre shows, gigs and art exhibitions out there; it can be hard to know where to start. Enter VAGUE CULTURE CLUB, stage left.

Every month, we – yes, you too but obvs to begin with, we will get things going and await your participation in curating our reading/watch list – will select two films, a book and a tea-spilling place to get stuck in based on the theme for the season. And as the club grows, we would love for other art forms to be discussed as well. And in case it wasn’t clear, no country, region or language’s artistic canon is off limits…

We want this to be an open love affair with art and culture; to be dynamic, honest and passionate but sometimes high-key low-key. From live events and interactive experiences to banter in the IG comments section, VAGUE CULTURE CLUB is a chance to come together to have a good time whilst “tearing apart” works (like the vultures we are) that not only inspire generations but also galvanise them to create worlds they’d love to see and hear more about.

Everyone - again, yourself included - is already a member; you just need to come get your membership card by following on Instagram. There's also the fire bi-monthly newsletter you probably don't want to miss either with member perks and updates.

And did we happen to mention membership is free? Because it is for any and everyone, now and always. So we'll see you soon.

For the cultures and the vultures,