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Technology Writer



Job Type


About the Role

We are seeking non-fungible talent from the world of tech journalism with the ability to synthesise trends and activity across the tech sector, from DeFi to gaming, into digestible information for a non-technical audience on our digital publishing platform.

We especially encourage applications from writers from minority ethnic backgrounds and the LGBT+ community, as well as those based outside London, to reflect the diversity of our global community.


Your Responsibilities

  • Write engaging and culturally relevant fashion analyses, op-eds, and interviews

  • Submit 1 article every 3-6 weeks

  • Pitch and develop your own story ideas

  • Pick up story assignments from your editor as needed

  • Brainstorm ideas for tech features and podcast episodes

  • Stay on top of current affairs in your chosen field(s)

  • Support our efforts for validating the accuracy and timeliness of all content

Things to Note

Our Tech team's focus areas are:

  • gaming

  • finance

  • app culture

  • art & technology

  • tech's human cost

Who We are

VAGUE TOMES is a cultural journal founded on the timeless principles of FUBU. Run by a remote network of writers, stylists, photographers, designers, and developers from Manchester, London & across four continents, our mission at VAGUE is to serve as a slow but considered editorial publisher with its finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, and a dynamic resource for creatives and discerning audiences at the intersection of creativity, commerce, and culture.

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