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Political Writer



Job Type


About the Role

Politics is an insanely complex, gritty, global construct challenging societies the world over. To help our community understand the who, what, how, when and why so they can take action and affect change in the world, we are seeking well-informed critical thinkers, skilled in making the complex accessible without stripping back critical information, to contribute political essays on our digital publishing platform.

Our dream political writers will have an innate understanding of UK, US, European and / or African history, culture and political affairs, with a passion for galvanising the masses through unbiased, three-dimensional political analyses.

We especially encourage applications from writers from minority ethnic backgrounds and the LGBT+ community, as well as those based outside London, to reflect the diversity of our global community.


Your Responsibilities

  • Write engaging and culturally relevant fashion analyses, op-eds, and interviews

  • Submit 1 article every 3-6 weeks

  • Pitch and develop your own story ideas

  • Pick up story assignments from your editor as needed

  • Brainstorm ideas for political features and podcast episodes

  • Stay on top of current affairs in your chosen field(s)

  • Support our efforts for validating the accuracy and timeliness of all content

Things to Note

Our Politics team's focus areas are:

  • weekly global news digests

  • seasonal political investigations

  • social justice, diversity and resources

  • race, gender and economic inequality

  • immigration, refugee, asylum and xenophobia

Who We are

VAGUE TOMES is a cultural journal founded on the timeless principles of FUBU. Run by a remote network of writers, stylists, photographers, designers, and developers from Manchester, London & across four continents, our mission at VAGUE is to serve as a slow but considered editorial publisher with its finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, and a dynamic resource for creatives and discerning audiences at the intersection of creativity, commerce, and culture.

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