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Bonnie Langedijk


With new media platform HURS, Bonnie Langedijk is calling bullshit on fashion's top-down approach to female empowerment. Hosted by TOMES Editor-in-Chief and fellow female founder of a user-centred fashion organization Karina So., this episode aims to spotlight Bonnie's work in championing the untapped potential of fashion media that puts its readers at the heart of its mission. In the brand's own words, a funny thing happens when you speak through — not to — women.


For this interview, we'd like to propose a two-phased approach: the first being a sit-down interview edited and recorded on our VAGUE VOICES podcast, with an accompanying feature on our magazine in our recently redesigned production format. We would also like to commission original images of Bonnie by a VAGUE photographer to accompany the profile.

The second phase, which is optional and entirely at Bonnie's discretion, will be a 1-min video follow-up of an appointed "day in the life" of a fashion editor to be released ahead of fashion week.


The podcast will start by recounting Bonnie's past and how her experiences in the industry exposed her to the harmful consequence of an industry supposedly marketed as a safe space for women constantly berating their autonomy and inciting self-doubt. The rest of the podcast will then focus on HURS, its proposition, beginnings, impact, and potential to change the face of fashion media.

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Bonnie's journey to founding HURS

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HURS, the becoming

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The future of fashion media

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