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Olli Hull


A conversation between Olli Hull and TOMES editor-in-chief Karina So. about the fine art of upcycling, both as a craft and as a metaphor for the influx of emerging talent, unapologetic in their identities and creative expression, breathing new life into a once-stale, regimented London Fashion Week.


For this interview, we'd like to propose a two-phased approach: the first being a sit-down interview edited and recorded on our VAGUE VOICES podcast, with an accompanying feature on our magazine in our recently redesigned editorial format. We would also like to commission original images of Olli by a VAGUE photographer to accompany the profile.

The second phase, which is entirely optional at Olli's discretion, will be a 1-min video follow-up featuring audio excerpts from the podcast, including questions excluded from the podcast for this purpose and some asked during filming, over footage of an appointed "day in the life" of Olli Hull, creating additional assets for mutually beneficial social media promotion.


The podcast will focus on Olli's journey through the ages as a queer artist working with discarded pieces to create something new, as communities once shunned by fashion's glitterati do the same to an industry on the cusp of several revolutions.

Olli Hull on VAGUE VOICES by VAGUE Creative Agency



Olli's journey of self discovery as an artist

Olli Hull on VAGUE VOICES by VAGUE Creative Agency



Olli's creative process and thoughts on the state of affairs in fashion as a creative and sustainable producer

Olli Hull on VAGUE VOICES by VAGUE Creative Agency



Olli's hopes and plans for the future

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