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Updated: May 17, 2020

A Netflix Watch Party

After the last NWP, we collectively agreed the next film to bring us together would be one that's light, uplifting & filled with everything nice. But then we got word that Netflix would be releasing a documentary on the well-known case of Cyntoia Brown on NWP day and took it is a sign.

Not going to lie, this is - as you may expect - a hard but necessary watch especially if you're not familiar with this case. Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story is a true-crime documentary by Daniel H. Birman which tracks the incarceration of a 16 year old girl seen initially as a prostitute and not a victim of sexual crimes and was found guilty of first-degree murder of a 43 year old man who paid her to have sex with him.

This is a very sobering watch and definitely filled in some gaps in my knowledge of her very inspiring story - although we hear she had no input in this particular documentary. I'm finding it hard to say more because I feel like I have to do some more research about her case, however, we'd love to hear your thoughts about it if you'e gotten the chance to see it.

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