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Updated: May 17, 2020


If you’ve seen this film then you know there’s no forgetting this South Korean thriller directed by Jang Hang-jun.

Last Wednesday, we watched this unpredictable story unfold at a pace that literally made us all gasp, laugh, full-on-scream several times over making the NP chat room one of the best we’ve had so far.

Released in 2017, FORGOTTEN centres on Jin-seok’s search for truth when his brother gets kidnapped and reappears, unharmed, 19 days later with no recollection of where or why he was taken.

This surreal, ever-evolving mystery written by Jang Hang-jun claws its way through the foundations upon which relationships are made, society is built, humour is conveyed and memories are formed in ways that simultaneously slaps you in the face and pulls the rug from under you.

It begins innocently enough (“omg another TikTok thirst trap?” - a comment in the NP Chat) and ends with your jaw hitting the top of your knees (“the twists and turns of this fucking movie”) whilst one of the best film scores we’ve heard in ages elevates each moment with such grace, you almost forgive the film for jerking your around for 1hr 48mins.


And I guess that's partly down to the incredible cast who are *chefs kiss*. Although, if I had to chose a crowd favourite I think it would be Kang Ha-Neul (Jin-seok). He had most of our hearts from the jump for many reasons, one being how he effortlessly conveys a melting pot of emotions with a single glance.

Cannot say we’ll be watching FORGOTTEN again anytime soon BUT #noregrets - the average rating we gave it was a solid 7.5. However, would strongly advise against seeing this alone and in the dead of night but I’m not thrillers’ biggest’s fan.

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