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The Mountaintop

Join VAGUE CLUB and VAGUE TOMES at an exclusive performance of award-winning play, the Mountaintop this September

At VAGUE, one of our aims is to create opportunities for our members to experience and drive change in new and exciting spaces through innovation, ideation and access. This includes reducing barriers and creating opportunities with said spaces that historically may not have been the easiest to thrive in for people from walks of life as diverse as ours members of the VAGUE community.

Since VAGUE’s inception, we’ve developed a beautiful relationship with the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester, the country's largest in-the-round theatre and a longstanding champion not just of our work and the creative talent that makes up VAGUE, but of inclusion and diversity within the theatre industry at large.

So it is with great pride that we announce a new initiative in partnership with the RET (ahead of a special Black History Month collaboration we can't talk about yet) that aims to raise awareness and share the magic of theatre with everyone. We have in our possession a limited run of free tickets up for grabs for a special performance of THE MOUNTAINTOP on September 30.

Running from September 25 - October 27 with RET Joint-Artistic Director Roy Alexander Weise at the helm, celebrated playwright Katori Hall's Olivier award-winning play, THE MOUNTAINTOP takes us back to the day before the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and poses the question, what does it take to be a hero?

They won't all be court-side (we can't all be Drake, soz) but if you do want to claim two free seats for you and a friend, and mingle with the CREW *and* the who's who of the theatre world at an exclusive press performance, simply fill in the form telling us in just a few words why you enjoy theatre if you're already all about that jazz, or why you've never been before if you're a stage neophyte.

We'll select our winners on Monday September 27 and get in touch the following morning!

FYI: we aim to get back to everyone so do bear with us, but please note: while winners will be selected at random, each VAGUE member will be 3x more likely to win in our randomizer and you will have to be responsible for your transportation to and from the venue. The VAGUE community is free and open to all who wish to create, connect and collaborate with our global network of both artists and audiences, so if you're not a member yet, we don't know for you. Create an account today and join the movement.

Insert obligatory jazz hands here.

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