To celebrate the release of Queen & Slim in the UK,  Entertainment One and VAGUE held a photography competition giving people the opportunity to show us their city's legacy. For the city of Manchester, this is our story.

Jordan is multi-skilled photographer, art director and stylist based in Manchester & Leeds.

Kwame is a student of fashion photography at the Leeds Art University, who collaborated with a crack team of young Leeds-based artists to create this image.

Ella is a brilliant young photographer working in Manchester who took this picture in Guadeloupe's Pointe a Pitre in the French West Indies. She is also a member of the VAGUE community and Black in Fashion UK.

Hope is a young photographer living in Manchester currently exploring the concept of freedom in his series "What is Freedom?"

Kunmi is an incredible gospel musician, who goes by the stage name ZION and who can be seen representing Team Tom on ITV's the Voice UK.

Suji is a photographer and visual artist living between Manchester and London and studying to get a degree in Neuroscience.

Suji is also VAGUE's photography director.

Victoria is young photographer based in Manchester who is also experimenting with video and graphic design.

Cameron is both a photographer and one of the founders of Not A Hoodlum and their event series, Colours & Creeds. He is also a member of the VAGUE community.

Justina is an actress, producer, writer and singer working at Manchester's Royal Exchange Theatre.

Commissioned by vague


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