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Second Skin

Call Time

11/02/22, 13:00

Meeting point

Barbican Centre Lobby


Karina So.




OK guys, so change of plans for this Friday: we're gonna stick to the deconstructed story. I keep underestimating how important the "who" is in terms of which brands we feature on VAGUE, what they stand for, and for us to meet that criteria for multiple shoots, we'd need Jesus and a major PR plug.

So instead, i've expanded the deconstructed minimalism shoot to look more widely at sartorial themes of fragility, femininity and vulnerability in a post-pandemic world through the lens of shapewear.

Cast & Crew



Creative Direction








Production notes


We have 3-4 hours for hair, fittings, BTS content and production. Precision is key.


Karina: "I will be bringing four foundational pieces from the THREADS archive that could work for this shoot: a Rui Zhou knitted tube top, a Kai Collective Gaia turtleneck, a knitted Rui Zhou crop top and a black Femalien halter top I plan on wearing for a dinner that evening but figured it could work quite well and amplify the British names in this. So we just need to be creative with bottoms, shoes, accessories. Ayomide and I are the same shoe size so between us, we might be OK but will await word from Layo. The first Rui top (which I'd love for us to try layering with laddered tights and fine chains like waist beads in some shots?) has the deconstructed element to explore this 'second-skin' trend through the lens of shapewear - Rui vs Skims, creativity vs conformity, female vs male gaze; this will be the anchor of the article. The second's soft cream knits will allow us to play around with delicacy and vulnerability within the female gaze; I will focus on the rope ties too as I find ribbon/rope fastenings to be very feminine and incredibly sexy: the idea that a simple tug can unravel the entire piece. The Gaia and Femalien tops will circle us back to the second-skin concept but with a more wearable approach rather than lingerie; to pull it all together these looks should focus on the sensuality, the feel of the fabrics in the outfit rather than the sexuality of their translucence."


Karina: "I was thinking just a touch of surrealism (thinking soft radial gradients from a high point on the face?) since the outfits will be quite minimalist, the location brutalist and the poses quite abstract. A dewy base with warm colours and a hint of shimmer given it's a spring editorial."


We'll be shooting mainly around the exterior of the Barbican Centre; a mix of elevated wide shots, full and medium shots, and close-up details. All to wear comfortable shoes as we explore around the building.


Given the themes discussed in Styling, the poses for this will need to be quite creative and surreal. Hands should play an intentional role given the primary sense being explored is touch. Consider also physical translations of the idea of "heads rolling" when women wear lingerie as outerwear. Emotions should be fairly muted but with a hint of defiance in the eyes. In this world, when the world stares, our Leading Woman stares back so eye contact is essential. Music for the TikToks and Reels will likely be Kelela's Take Me Apart remixes, namely Bluff and Blue Light so worth listening to them beforehand for the vibes.

Safety & Wellbeing

We need to check if we need nipple covers for Ayomide too, pending her comfort levels. We'll likely need a blanket between shots to keep her warm. If Ayomide can bring one, that would be grand!

Production Assets

Eve's Playground by Suji So x Mnna Mohammed 5.jpg

📸 Media

Upload and download all project media here.

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