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Spanning several cities across the United Kingdom and growing beyond rapidly, the VAGUE team work across a number of disciplines to create multimedia digital content and virtual experiences primarily with young people aged 30 and under in mind.

VAGUE Creative Agency Manchester
Map of the world | VAGUE Creative Agency Manchester

You can get more out of your site elements by making them dynamic. To connect this element to content from your collection, select the element and click Connect to Data. Once connected, you can save time by updating your content straight from your collection—no need to open the Editor, or mess with your design. 


Add any type of content to your collection, such as rich text, images, videos and more, or upload a CSV file. You can also collect and store information from your site visitors using input elements like custom forms and fields. Collaborate on your content across teams by assigning permissions setting custom permissions for every collection.


Be sure to click Sync after making changes in a collection, so visitors can see your newest content on your live site. Preview your site to check that all your elements are displaying content from the right collection fields. Ready to publish? Simply click Publish in the top right of the Editor and your changes will appear live. 


Collaboration is like chemistry. Each chemical is uniquely brilliant on its own, but the combination is a fine art of curation. This is an art we take very seriously, marrying aesthetic goals with business objectives to curate teams featuring the most exciting, compatible talents driving culture around the world and delivering one-of-a-kind solutions.

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