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The "who we are" is rather vague as we continuously work to empower each new member to influence and improve our communal oeuvre of talent. But what we do is simple.​

Through the Portal, we foster a growing network of creatives and content consumers working collaboratively to support artists' development and tell our own stories in our no-holds-barred zine and IRL experiences through our private, non-monetised membership program.​

Through the Studio, we offer purpose-led brands a full-delivery digital service with intrinsic brand communication, digital design and editorial content; and an open-source approach to the creative process via our network for a unique perspective driven by user research and social enterprise.

With members in Manchester, London, Johannessburg, Toronto and beyond, ​with various specialties​ from design and film to costume design and make-up artistry, our aim is to explore and facilitate a new kind of user-centred media, where everybody has a role to play.


For partners, businesses and commercial opportunities, let us know how we can help you. To join the community, sign in or create an account to request access to the Portal. For all other enquiries, email us:

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