a virtual global community of creatives and content consumers

the Portal is our open-source digital platform for creative collaboration and independent storytelling from our community of digital innovators and craftsmen, creative facilitators and astute content consumers...

with pockets in Manchester, London, Johannesburg, Toronto and more,  we are summoning cultural movers and shakers to connect, collaborate and create on a global scale on independent community projects and purpose-driven brand communications.

We are VAGUE


In an ever-changing digital landscape defined by likes, views and passive cursory participation, we created the Portal as a prototype for a slower, more considered approach to social media - information, learning and sharing stories with a thoughtful and engaged audience, without the noise.


Think of the Portal as the virtual hub for our global membership programme: open to all individuals, both the artistically inclined and the artistically interested. From creative projects & commercial opportunities to political conversation and watch parties, it's your free all-access pass to connecting with the VAGUE community beyond the likes & retweets.


We are VAGUE

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