Eve's Playground

It’s starts from the roots that trickle their way up to find the light once taken from them
like a beacon of solitude still unknown to man
it’s the plum succulent fruit that wasn’t meant to be tasted by lips.

That heavy liquid that ran freely through your veins only to be found once again running free.
When the sailor approached the lady he asked  do you see when you cry or do you hide behind masks till they come find you, do you confide in pain and paint it into a triumph?  do your eyes run dry or simply stay running”.

She replied it is  Like a vampire finch that spreads  its wings only to find you a dry corpse no longer in need to be his.

So after,
After you fool the sky and tell it to cry and tell the moon to show what it hides and then be angry when the sun starts to rise and the stars no longer speak, are you inflamed by the rhyme they didn’t complete.

Days later,
you come creeping like a shadow that won’t leave and ingulf the terror you once left to see.

You begin to reek of bitter sweets and fool them that you know it’s right and swaddle them in cloth...

Dear red, now do you see?


models - @chuyu_ @suave.dtn

creative direction - Suji So

photography - Suji so

styling - Suji so

make-up - mnna mohammed

poetry - mnna mohammed

wardrobe - suzy loves milo