VAGUE is a community-led creative agency made up of artists and art lovers from across the UK and increasingly around the world, working together to develop new independent stories & experiences, as well as to deliver localized, research-led end-to-end creative services for purpose-driven brands.

Membership is free if you phuck with the movement, for access to the Portal. The Portal is the part of the website where we host project briefs, collaborative art by members of the community, our forums, and behind-the-scenes content as we look to share knowledge and collaborate in a growing network without borders.

Members can also preview the We Are Here editorial {view the story} and a whole host of additional QUEEN & SLIM content exclusive to the community.

Originally from Manchester and currently based in London, Rebecca Wong is a young designer who works across a broad creative spectrum, responding to inspiration through fashion, art and design and photography. She has a passion for producing work that honours her roots and heritage, often producing work that is inspired by family and/or the Black experience.

At a young age, she realised her best work is that which has a story or a deeper meaning behind it, whichever medium this is expressed in. Her work can be found on her Instagram and Twitter.

Rebecca's artwork was commissioned by Entertainment One for QUEEN & SLIM through her membership in the VAGUE community.